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Basque Genealogy Resources

This section offers a selection of links and various resources with basic information for those who are starting their family tree, looking for their origins or trying to locate relatives in any of the provinces of the Basque Country or the Basque Diaspora.  Simply checking these links could be an easy and promising starting point. 


You can check and ask for birth, marriage and death certificates from the Parish Archives of Araba, Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa (no online service for archives in Nafarroa or Iparralde):

-Dokuklik: birth, marriage and death certificates from the Parish Archives of Araba, Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa (no online service for Nafarroa or Iparralde):

-Historical Ecclesiatical Archive of Bizkaia (eu, es)

-Historical Ecclesiatical Archive of Donostia-San Sebastian (eu, es)

-Historical Ecclesiatical Archive of Vitoria-Gasteiz (eu, es)



-Antzinako, association of Basque Genealogists (eu, es, fr, en)

-Basque Genealogy list: group list about Basque Genealogy. Registration required.

-Genea64: another list, this one of genealogy reserachers in Iparralde and Béarn (in French)



The following links are Basque surnames' databases. If a surname can not be found at a database it does not mean that it is not Basque. There are many different spellings for several Basque surnames. 

-Auñamendi Basque Library/Bernardo Estornés Lasa Archives: search for a surname and you will get all the info in these archives: meanings, toponimes, historical references and people...)

- ‘Los Vascos en la Argentina’: this book by Fundacion Juan de Garay lists all the Basque surnames in Argentina: origin, meaning, whereabouts...

-ÍEuskal Abizenak/Apellidos Vascos: index

-Euskaltzaindia: Basque surname database

-Surnames researched by Xabier Ormaechea and Susan Ibarra



-Lineages from Navarre

-Antzinako genealogy association's online library

-Certain Mariages au Pays Basque (marriages in the Basque French Country)

-Place names database of the Basque Autonomous Community, a webpage by Imanol Pagola Salazar (35.000 family crests) 

-The Basque Genealogy Homepage, by Susan & Fernando Ybarra

-Place names in Navarre

-Genealogy Research Service by Eusko Ikaskuntza




International links and webpages related to genealogy.

-Genealogy programs and software

-Surname navigator

-Heraldry and Genealogy Dictionary by García Carraffa

-Search for ancestors in

-American Family Immigration History Center (Ellis Island)

-Geneanet, genealogy database online in French

-Missing people researchers: professional genealogists

-Social Security Death Index (USA)

-United States Cemetery Directory

-Earliest recorded male settlers of Alta California (1769-1800)

-Colombian genealogies (Basque surnames in 'Novedades') Le portail de la généalogie francophone


Looking up for a surname in a telephone directory in your ancestors hometown you can locate people related to you.

-Southern Basque Country (Telefónica de España)

-Yellow pages Southern Basque Country (QDQ)

-White pages Northern Basque Country (French pagesjaunes)

-White pages (Argentina)

-White pages (Chile)

-White pages (Mexico)

-White pages (USA)

-International white pages (several countries)

-AnyWho Online Directory

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